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What are capital grants?

Capital grants are funds provided by the Boettcher Foundation to be used for costs toward the purchase, construction or major renovation of a building to be owned and used by a Colorado nonprofit organization. To be eligible, capital projects must be a minimum of $150,000 in total project cost.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a capital grant from the Boettcher Foundation?

To be eligible for a Boettcher Foundation Capital Grant, organizations must be:

  • a Colorado-registered nonprofit organization (IRS tax-exempt designation 501(c)(3)) that has filed the IRS form 990 for the last fiscal year, or a governmental entity
  • seeking funding for a capital project within Colorado to serve Colorado residents
  • seeking funding for capital projects with a minimum of $150,000 in total project cost.

Ineligible organizations are those that:

  • primarily serve animals (rescue, shelter, sanctuary, animal-assisted therapy, etc.)
  • are seeking funding for religious purposes such as a worship or education center

Additionally, the Boettcher Foundation does not typically fund projects for:

  • equipment and/or furnishings only
  • vehicle purchase(s)
  • routine repairs and maintenance
  • solar panels
  • an endowment only
  • permanent or transitional housing, including low-income options
  • athletic facilities or fields, open space or parks, and camps
  • historic preservation where the facility will not be utilized by the community
  • healthcare facilities such as clinics or hospitals, including dental care
  • K-12 school facilities
  • emergency services facilities such as fire stations and police stations, as well as ambulance/EMS, dispatch/response, or search-and-rescue operations
Why am I required to complete a prequalification form?

The prequalification form is an important step in our capital grants process because it allows you to determine whether you may qualify to apply for a Boettcher Foundation Capital Grant. Filling out this relatively simple form saves your organization the time and effort of filling out a lengthy application only to discover that it does not qualify for a capital grant from the Boettcher Foundation.

What are the deadlines for completing the prequalification form in order to apply for a capital grant in 2017?

The Boettcher Foundation awards grants three times a year. Deadlines to complete the prequalification form for each category are:

  • Community enrichment: March 31, 2017
  • Social services: August 4, 2017
  • Education: November 17, 2017

These deadlines are firm, so we strongly encourage completing the prequalification form well before the deadline date noted above in order to begin the process. There is no “opening” date for completing the prequalification form for any category, so feel free to fill out the form as early as you like. Deadlines for 2018 will be updated on this page in December 2017.

What if I’m not sure which category my organization fits into?

Please email us at if you are not sure which category best fits your nonprofit organization or project.

What if I don’t fit into any of the Boettcher Foundation’s capital grant categories?

The Boettcher Foundation has established its grant categories based on the areas that align with its philanthropic mission. While you may not fit into our categories, the good news is that Colorado’s philanthropic community is a diverse one, and it’s likely that there’s a funding organization out there that does fit with your goals and mission.

We are happy to provide guidance and advice on other organizations to contact. If you need more information, please email us at and we will be happy to schedule a phone call.

There is a lot of great information online that can help you learn about potential grants and improve your grant applications. We recommend the following websites to help you find the information you’re looking for:

How do I apply?
  1. Complete the required prequalification form for capital grants. If you meet the basic criteria you will be asked to complete a brief capital grant online information form.
  2. Complete the capital grant online information form. We will review the online information form to determine if an invitation to submit a proposal will be extended.
  3. If you are invited to apply, we will provide you with information and instructions on that process.
Do you accept the Colorado Common Grant Application for Capital Campaigns?

We do not accept the Colorado Common Grant Application for Capital Campaigns. If your organization is invited to submit an application, we will email you a link to our online application form.

What if I miss the deadline for my category in 2017?

Check back with us later in 2017 when we will announce our schedule for 2018.

Are the Boettcher Foundation’s grant requirements similar to those of other foundations?

No. Every foundation is unique and awards capital grants based on its individual mission and donor intent.

How many capital grants does the Boettcher Foundation award each year?

The number of capital grants awarded each year varies. It depends on the amount of funding allocated to the capital grants program annually.

Why isn’t healthcare an option for Boettcher Foundation capital grants?

The Boettcher Foundation provides support for the healthcare sector though its Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards. This program provides a generous funding stream for biomedical research that has the potential to improve human health. As a result, we have chosen to focus our capital grants in other areas.

How large is a typical capital grant from the Boettcher Foundation?

Grant amounts vary depending on the size of the project being funded and on our budget in any given year. In recent years, however, typical grants have ranged from $20,000 to $75,000.

I understand that the Boettcher Foundation helps fund early childhood education centers through the Qualistar program. How does this program work?

In 2006, the Boettcher Foundation recognized a critical gap in funding for early childhood education centers and pioneered a unique method of addressing the gap.

Administered through Qualistar, the QCap Fund was created to support quality-related capital improvements in Colorado’s early childhood learning centers. These improvements range from classroom expansion to playground improvements to health and safety improvements.

Qualistar is an ideal partner for helping us meet this goal since the organization’s mission is “To advance the school readiness of Colorado’s children by measuring and improving quality early childhood education and to be the resource connecting parents to quality programs.”

Because the program is administered through Qualistar, any applications for this funding must be made directly through them. More information is available at

What is required of me if I am awarded a capital grant from the Boettcher Foundation?

Capital grants are typically awarded conditionally, meaning that in order to receive our grant, the balance of the capital project’s budget (stated on the original application) must be raised from other sources. Grantees are required to complete a match report and a final report. Please visit our current grantee page for more information about these and other requirements.

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Fill out our prequalification form to determine if your organization qualifies to apply for a capital grant.

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