Reports Required of Nonprofit Grant Recipients

The Boettcher Foundation Capital Grants are typical awarded conditionally, meaning that in order to receive our nonprofit grant, the balance of the capital project’s budget (stated on the original application) must be raised from other sources. Conditional grants are effective for one year from the award date.

Photograph courtesy and copyright OZ Architecture

When a grantee has raised the balance of the budget, the grantee sends a match report to the Boettcher Foundation. There isn’t a set format for this report, but we do require a written submission by email to The match report should include a statement to the effect that the campaign is complete and should provide an accounting of the major contributors by name and dollar amount.

Here’s an example:

“Dear Boettcher Foundation,

ABC Nonprofit is happy to announce that we have completed our capital campaign for our new facility! Below is a brief account of the funds we have raised and from whom. Please let us know if there are any questions.

Donor Amount
Individual Donors1 $
Board of Directors2 $
XYZ Foundation $
CDEF Foundation $
Amalgamated Corp $
Total $ 3


Executive Director”

The list of donors can be submitted as an attachment (in Excel, PDF or Word format) rather than embedded as text.

  1. Individual donors can be listed as a single group with a cumulative total, but if you have a single large donor, we would like to see that donor listed separately unless anonymity is required.
  2. Board contributions to your campaign can also be listed as a cumulative total.
  3. The grand total amount should be equal to the total project cost that was noted in the original application.

When our grants director has reviewed and approved the match report, the grant will be scheduled for processing, which includes executing a formal grant agreement.

Boettcher Foundation Capital Grants recipients must complete a final report either when the project is complete or one year after the grant is paid, whichever comes first. Please contact our grants staff for final reporting instructions by emailing or calling 303.534.1937.

Please note that each nonprofit grant awarded is unique, and there may be other conditions placed on the grant or there may be additional or different reporting required during the life of an active grant. If you have any questions about the conditions or reporting requirements for your specific nonprofit capital grant, please contact the Boettcher Foundation grants staff.