2018 Greetings from the Alumni Board Chair

2018 Greetings from the Alumni Board Chair

By Lori Prok
1992 Scholar
Alumni Board Chair

Greetings Boettcher Scholar community!

On behalf of my fellow board members, happy 2018! We are looking forward to a productive and exciting year for our Scholar Alumni community.

First, some acknowledgments and introductions:

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Peter Maiurro, our outgoing Alumni Board chair. His commitment and contributions to the Board and Alumni community have been very valuable and are much appreciated. He has spent many hours commuting from Colorado Springs in order to lead our team, and we are all very grateful for his leadership and innovative ideas.

I also offer my sincere gratitude to our outgoing board member, Rick Zier, who has given his time, creativity, and positive energy to continue to improve our Alumni outreach efforts.

Please join me in a heartfelt welcome to our new board members: Brian Peagler and Ruthie Lestikow. We are excited to work with you!

Next, some thoughts on the priorities of the Boettcher Scholar Alumni Board this year, and events to highlight on your calendar:

Our board VISION: A connected, engaged, and empowered family of Boettcher Scholars whose collective impact of service, leadership, character, and achievement is exponentially greater than the sum of individual scholars acting alone.

Our board MISSION: In partnership with and in support of the aims of the Boettcher Foundation, we cultivate, inspire, and collaborate with the community of graduated and current Boettcher Scholars to further professional and personal growth, promote ongoing learning and pursuit of life passions, and enable positive civic impact.

This year, we are focusing our efforts in several specific areas:

Our collective potential as an Alumni group — in our local, national and even international communities — is immeasurable. Our biggest ongoing goal as a Board is to facilitate using that potential for more impactful and meaningful relationships with the communities where we, as Boettcher Scholars, work and interact, and where our civic impact can be greatest.

You will likely be contacted by your scholar year “Class Champion,” a fellow Scholar who will be your class contact point. He/she will be furthering our Alumni outreach efforts, with information about upcoming events and ways to become more involved in the Alumni community. If you are interested in being the Class Champion for your scholar year, please contact me!

We are also making mentorship a priority this year, with hopes to streamline ways for Boettcher Scholars to connect with each other for professional and personal mentorship and other opportunities. Stay tuned…

Our Alumni Ambassador program continues to expand, connecting Alumni with middle and high school students in underrepresented schools and communities, and raising awareness about the scholarship program.

We will be offering educational and service opportunities throughout the year – more information is always available in our email newsletter or on the Boettcher Foundation website.

On that note, we are very excited about this year’s inaugural Boettcher Scholar Signature Event, which will be held at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science June 22-24, 2018. This will be an opportunity to connect with other Boettcher Scholar Alumni, hear some amazing TED-style talks from fellow alumni, engage in service opportunities, explore Denver and the surrounding areas, and have fun with your family and friends. Watch your email for a registration link. In addition, secured a discount hotel block at The Maven Hotel for $169/night. Book a room by calling 844.432.9374.

And finally a request:

I would love to hear from you! Our Alumni community is such an interesting, diverse, thoughtful group of people. In the spirit of achieving our biggest goal – leveraging the alumni community to make a real and meaningful impact on the community – I would so value your ideas about ways to expand our communication, programming, event offering, and involvement in our local Colorado communities. I’d also be interested in your personal or professional endeavors and accomplishments, service efforts, or life events you would like to share with the Boettcher community. You can reach me at lori.prok@ucdenver.edu.

Thank you and here’s to a great year!

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