Photograph courtesy and copyright John Fielder

Boettcher Scholar Alumni Board

The Boettcher Scholar Alumni Board’s vision is a connected, engaged, and empowered family of Boettcher Scholars whose collective impact of service, leadership, character, and achievement is exponentially greater than the sum of individual Scholars acting alone.

Communications Committee


Dominic DiSanti

2005 CSU Scholar

Curtis Esquibel

Curtis Esquibel

Staff Representative

Ham, Joey - snipped and downsized

Joey Ham

2004 DU Scholar | Communications Chair

Martinez, Jose - snipped and downsized

Jose Martinez

2003 UNC Scholar | Outgoing 2020 Board Chair

Peagler, Brian - snipped and downsized

Brian Peagler

1998 DU Scholar | Board Historian

Wahl, Tracy - snipped and downsized

Tracy Wahl

1986 CU Scholar

Outreach Committee

Anderson, Tiffany - snipped

Tiffany Anderson

Staff Representative

FG HIP Aug 2018

Felisa Gonzales

1997 CC Scholar

Kappeler, Krystal - snipped and downsized

Krystal Kappeler

2009 CSU Scholar | Staff Representative

Lestikow, Ruthie - snipped and downsized

Ruthie Lestikow

2000 CC Scholar | Outreach Chair

Paricio, Mark - snipped and downsized

Mark Paricio

1980 CSU Scholar

Prok, Lori - snipped and downsized

Lori Prok

1992 CU Scholar

Programming Committee

Anderson, Balin - snipped and downsized

Balin Anderson

2002 CC Scholar

Banuelos-Rivera, Jesus - snipped and downsized

Jesús Bañuelos-Rivera

2016 CU Scholar

Chapman, Theo - snipped and downsized

Theo Chapman

2003 DU Scholar

deKay, Hannah - snipped and downsized

Hannah deKay

2017 Regis Scholar | Scholar Representative

Gordon, Alex - snipped and downsized

Alex Gordon

1997 DU Scholar | Rising 2022 Chair

Kappeler, Krystal - snipped and downsized

Krystal Kappeler

2009 CSU Scholar | Staff Representative

Griffin Hampton headshot

Griffin Hampton

2018 Mines Scholar | Scholar Representative

Marchando, Lori - snipped and downsized

Lori Marchando

1983 CSU Scholar | Programming Chair

Meyers, Jennifer - snipped and downsized

Jennifer Meyers

1991 DU Scholar | 2021 Board Chair

Mary Margaret Knudsen Hesse

Mary Margaret Knudsen Hesse

1992 CU Scholar