Boettcher Foundation staff volunteer at Project Angel Heart

Boettcher Foundation staff volunteer at Project Angel Heart

Though the Boettcher Foundation primarily supports nonprofits through capital grants, it also values having its employees contribute to the community through service. Because of that shared service ethic, the staff rallied together to assist Project Angel Heart in its pursuit of making a difference in the lives of people in need.

Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 to deliver nutritious meals, at no cost, to Coloradans coping with life-threatening illnesses. Ever since, volunteers have delivered meals to clients in metro Denver and Colorado Springs.

In 2011, Boettcher Foundation helped to fund Project Angel Heart’s new headquarters, allowing them to quadruple the number of clients they serve. The Boettcher Foundation staff recently had the opportunity to tour the new facility and gain a better understanding of the meaningful way in which Project Angel Heart serves its clients.

Boettcher staff at Project Angel Heart

Boettcher staff at Project Angel Heart

The tour was led by Project Angel Heart’s volunteer resources assistant and 2010 Boettcher Scholar Hannah Koschnitzke. Hannah guided the staff through the innovative kitchen, the seasonal urban garden, and the menu development process, which ensures each client is getting food tailored to his or her health and diet specifications.

Next, the Boettcher Foundation staff took a turn in the client-service process, while also getting in touch with their creative sides, by decorating meal-delivery bags. This is one of the most popular volunteer options at Project Angel Heart, because people of all ages and abilities can contribute.

“It’s a nice way for us to personalize the meal delivery, and let clients know we are thinking about them. By sending them a one-of-a-kind package, they know we care about them,” Hannah explained.

Often, Project Angel Heart clients save their favorite bags, or even hang designs that have a special meaning in their homes as artwork, which served as inspiration for the Boettcher Foundation team as they decorated dozens of bags.

Boettcher Staff decorates meal delivery bags.

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