Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Amanda Cary, Washington, D.C.

Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Amanda Cary, Washington, D.C.

Boettcher Scholars have the opportunity to expand their educations by using international education grants or educational enrichment grants offered as part of their scholarship package. Through their travels, Scholars have learned new languages, experienced diverse cultures, or honed their skills through internships and classes. Many Scholars tell us that these were among the most impactful aspects of their college careers.

 Recently several Boettcher Scholars volunteered to blog about their travel experiences. Here’s one of their stories.

Amanda Cary
2014 Boettcher Scholar
Educational Enrichment Grant, Washington D.C.

Using my Boettcher Educational Enrichment Grant to participate in an academic and internship program in Washington, D.C. was truly one of the best decisions that I made in my four years of undergraduate education. As a journalism major earning a political science minor, participating in a rigorous, hands-on journalism program not only taught me valuable tangible skills, but also gave me hope for the future of journalism. In addition to the academics, interning at the U.S. Department of Education allowed me to learn more about education in America – a topic I am passionate about.

After I graduate, I will be headed to South Carolina to teach secondary English. Had I not spent time in such an empowering yet challenging environment like the Department of Education, I do not think I would have opened my eyes to the potential of a postgraduate position with Teach For America. D.C. challenged many of the constructed ideologies that I once held about the world and about my own path. I am so grateful that the Boettcher Foundation opened this door for me, and I am committed to paying it forward in my future.

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