Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Ginny Creager – Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion

Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Ginny Creager – Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion

Boettcher Scholars have the opportunity to expand their educations by using international education grants or educational enrichment grants offered as part of their scholarship package. Through their travels, Scholars have learned new languages, experienced diverse cultures, or honed their skills through internships and classes. Many Scholars tell us that these were among the most impactful aspects of their college careers.

 Several Boettcher Scholars volunteered to blog about their travel experiences. Here’s one of their stories.

Ginny Creager
2014 Boettcher Scholar
Educational Enrichment Grant, Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund

Last summer, I interned with the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund (GRPF), whose mission is preserving the home of the governor (the former Boettcher family home) and bringing it into full use and enjoyment for Coloradans. One of the most rewarding accomplishments of my internship was helping to pull off the successful fundraiser, Brews and Bites. This creative event, the largest fundraising mechanism of the year, gave visitors a way to explore the mansion and learn about the GRPF. This sold-out event was crucial to our funding and exposure. I worked for weeks on this project with staff, vendors, and volunteers to ensure that every aspect of this popular event went off without a hitch (and I even enlisted my entire family day-of). An event of this magnitude showed me that I am capable by teaching me dedication, patience, hard work, and communication skills.

By participating in the Educational Enrichment grant program, I gained personal and professional contacts who have given invaluable advice about getting into politics, especially as a female. I also continued to learn about our state’s and the Boettcher family’s history, which I have been able to share with other young people. Perhaps more important than my internship was the experience I gained from applying for this enrichment grant. Tiffany Anderson was a great resource as she guided me through the grant-writing process and taught me how to set and measure SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) goals. I thank Tiffany for helping me acquire the valuable skills I need to write successful grants for a future in government work.
Finally, I enjoyed this experience so much that I have already committed to volunteering during my entire senior year to help the GRPF with projects, including educational and community engagement programs and preparing the residence for the festive holiday season and the many visitors it will host. I am proud to continue my work for Colorado and the Boettcher family history, and I know I will always remain connected and dedicated to the GRPF’s mission.

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