Chris Lowell

Communications Specialist

Born and raised in Denver, Chris Lowell serves as the Boettcher Foundation’s communications specialist. Prior to joining Boettcher, Chris has worked in public policy and communications for state and local government, and political campaigns.

Chris comes to Boettcher with an intense desire to sow and grow seeds that will help Colorado continue to flourish. He is seizing this opportunity to re-invest in the state and communities that he loves deeply.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts in both International Relations and Journalism from the University of Denver. He lives with his fiancée Rachel in Southwest Denver.

When Chris is not enjoying his public service career, he enjoys too many things to reasonably list here. From photography to current events, to hiking, gardening, and cooking, it is sufficient to say that Chris believes there is not enough time in the day to participate in all of the special things life has to offer.

Community Involvement:

  • Historically deeply engaged with nonprofits, neighborhood organizations, and city officials and agencies throughout the Front Range to co-lead the change necessary to move Colorado forward.

Favorite Colorado Experience:

The only thing that beats a summer night of live music at Red Rocks is perhaps the windshield time spent driving through stunning western Colorado to visit friends and family.

Favorite Quote:

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s sentiment that “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” reminds me to follow through with ideas, dreams, and plans rather than just imagine them.