Colorado College: Inaugural Stroud Scholars Rise to Challenge

Colorado College: Inaugural Stroud Scholars Rise to Challenge

By Laurie Laker
Colorado College

Photo courtesy of Colorado College.

“Bringing together fantastic kids with fantastic minds, in less than fantastic circumstances, it really couldn’t have gone much better,” says Jordan Baker, inaugural member of Colorado College’s Stroud Scholars Program and a student at Fountain-Fort Carson High School in Fountain, Colorado.

Named in honor of two of the earliest Black students to graduate from Colorado College, siblings Kelly Dolphus Stroud ’31 and Effie Stroud Frazier ’31, the Stroud Scholars Program helps prepare and engage high-promise students from across the Pikes Peak Region in pursuing their ambitions to attend college. These students, who face a range of barriers to college, will earn admission to Colorado College and receive a financial aid package that will enable them to attend once they complete the three-year program. Students are able to kickstart college-level academic work while they’re still in high school, completing annual summer courses and focusing on qualitative and quantitative critical thinking skills.

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