Wanted: Alumni to Host Health and Wellness Challenge Events Around the Country

Wanted: Alumni to Host Health and Wellness Challenge Events Around the Country

By the Boettcher Scholar Alumni Board

Would you like to become more involved with the Boettcher Scholar alumni community in your area?  The Scholar Alumni board is seeking Alumni to host Health and Wellness Challenge events around the country during the month of April. As you may be aware, recent survey data indicated that Boettcher Scholars report higher levels of stress than the general population. Since lower stress starts with personal wellness and strong social connections, want you to help put your fellow Scholars on the path to better health.

What is the Health and Wellness Challenge?

The Boettcher Scholar Alumni Boards’ Health and Wellness Challenge is an opportunity for Alumni around the country to join together to promote personal well-being for the Boettcher Alumni community!  During the month of April, Boettcher Alumni will be invited to compete to see which class decade (i.e. 2010’s, 2000’s, 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s, 1960’s and prior) can make the biggest impact in improving their personal health and wellness. Impact will be measured by hours spent on health and wellness activities, and the winning decade will be announced at the Signature Event in June.

Alumni can participate in two ways, both of which will accumulate hours towards determining which class decade can claim the title of “Health and Wellness Challenge Champions”:

  • Participate with fellow Alumni in their areas in a Health and Wellness Event.  This is the group event which you will be organizing and leading. You can choose the type of event you’d like to host, and the possibilities are endless!  Some examples include organizing a hike/bike ride/run, a yoga class, a healthy cooking class, a day of skiing, etc.
  • Set an individual personal wellness goal and tracking the number of hours spent towards your goal

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact krystal@boettcherfoundation.org.


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