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COVID Innovation Fund FAQS

What if our research has secured additional funding, and potentially large amounts, from other sources?

We encourage this and, in fact, we hope you have existing funding and/or resources whether that support or investment comes from federal, state, private, or philanthropic sources.

Is there a minimum or maximum grant amount we can request up to $1 million?

This is an open application process, so we are looking to support biomedical research that will have immediate impact to curtail COVID-19 and potentially future pandemics. We will consider requests between $25,000 and $250,000, which should reflect the amount of related work that can be completed between May and September.

What stage should our research be in that will put me in a good position to receive funding?

The COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund is intended to support existing research that needs additional philanthropic dollars to be completed or to go to market. The Fund is not intended to support exploratory research that has yet to advance out of the ideation stage.

Are there any specific restrictions to how the funding can be spent?

The COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund does not have expenditure restrictions or match requirements. You will be asked to provide a high-level budget for review panelists to gain an understanding of how funds would be spent. This is where you would indicate funding coming from other sources as well. The major expenditure categories should include personnel, overhead, equipment, supplies and materials, professional services, and/or other.

Is there a limit to the institutional overhead or cost recovery on awarded funding? Should it be reflected in my proposal?

Yes. The maximum Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) rate is 8% and must be budgeted in each proposal, if applicable, at the level established by the institution up to 8%. Institutions are encouraged to waive the ICR requirement or establish an amount less than 8%. The ICR is counted as a component of total costs and will not be paid over and above the pre-allocated amount provided to each institution.

What are the application components and additional requirements?

Applications must include the following sections: Executive Summary, Impact, Capacity Building, Milestones of Delivery, Team Track Record, and Budget (five pages maximum, not including citations). Please upload one PDF file to the application portal. In addition, applicants will be asked to complete a brief online questionnaire at the time of submission. The questionnaire asks organizations for background information and to specify research area, funding request amount, and include a professional reference.

What if I am in the private sector and my research is a for-profit product, venture, or effort?

We will prioritize proposals that include partnerships or affiliations with Colorado research universities or institutions. That noted, because this funding cycle is rapid, we are most interested in supporting initiatives from experts who understand the need and issue comprehensively. We welcome proposals from any sector.

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