Leadership Coaching: What results to expect

Leadership Coaching: What results to expect

By Katy Craig, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Katy Craig, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Katy Craig, Director of Strategic Initiatives and certified professional coach.

The Boettcher Foundation’s coaching program is showing early success in helping our community of Boettcher Scholars and Boettcher Investigators to reach new heights in their chosen professions, family and personal lives.

Recently, I shared some insights from current and former coaching clients who shared some of their initial concerns, questions and misconceptions about coaching, as well as the reality and benefits they encountered along the way.

Another major question I hear from our busy, actively engaged community members is results-oriented — where’s the data? Well, the impact of coaching is supported by a number of industry studies. So much so that it’s being incorporated into the MBA programs of some of the top business schools in the country, and many Fortune 500 companies are investing in coaching for their employees, citing a return on investment of at least seven times the initial investment.

Closer to home, Boettcher community members are seeing real results in achieving their goals and expanding their leadership. Specifically, community members appreciate the differences they’ve seen in balancing responsibilities, particularly in times of stress.

“Coaching enhanced my self-awareness when undergoing stress in everyday life. I was able to develop techniques that improved my productivity and balance between school, work, and personal life,” said Fernando, a 2016 Boettcher Scholar and coaching client.

2015 Boettcher Scholar and coaching client, Kayla, agreed, citing reframing as one particular strategy she further developed through coaching.

“Coaching taught me how to look at situations differently,” she said. “I’ve been able to focus more on how I interact with situations and people, and how to change those interactions for the better. Coaching helped me get a little bit more out of every day by helping me realize what is important to me.”

The other benefit our community members often cite is having the dedicated time for reflection, and subsequent changes in behavior due to their renewed clarity.

“Coaching provided me with several insights about myself and tools to apply to my professional life,” Chris, a 2012 Boettcher Scholar, said. “I came away with a better understanding of my strengths and why I do the work that I do. Additionally, I found coaching helped me uncover a better way to talk about myself. I am now able to describe myself with powerful language that highlights the ‘who’ instead of the ‘what.’ This skill has been incredibly valuable in applying for jobs, interviewing, and meeting new people.”

Boettcher community members also echo research showing that coaching is particularly effective in developing high-potential leaders, helping them visualize and achieve higher levels of success.

“Coaching reminded me of the many ways I could still surprise myself and how it’s never too late to stretch into something new,” said Matt, a 1998 Boettcher Scholar.

Finally, those being coached express appreciation for the benefits they’ve gained both professionally and personally.

“My personal benefits from being co-actively coached since 2015 include increased resiliency with family, improved self-care, more celebrations for milestones reached in 2016 than last year, and better balance among work, passions, and family,” said Beth, a 1977 scholar and coaching client who has since become a coach herself. “The confidential coaching time is a blessing. Nowhere else do I have that focused, personal, safe space, just for me to reflect, react, dream, emote, and strategize.”

While Boettcher coaching clients all cited different benefits, they were united in their gratitude for the experience and their perception that it had been a positive investment of their time and energy.

“I LOVE coaching! It has been one of the most beneficial things I have done in college,” said Jo, a 2014 Boettcher Scholar. “It helped me engage the skills I have, understand myself and how that fits into the world around me, and was generally a lot of fun.”

The bottom line is that the Foundation wants each of our community members to excel at whatever endeavors they choose. We believe that investing in their hard work and leadership will enable them to give back for years to come. Coaching is just one way we further invest in our community.

For more information or a free sample coaching session, please contact me at katy@boettcherfoundation.org.


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