Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Lindsey Paricio, New Zealand

Boettcher Scholar Postcards: Lindsey Paricio, New Zealand

Boettcher Scholars have the opportunity to expand their educations by using international education grants or educational enrichment grants offered as part of their scholarship package. Through their travels, Scholars have learned new languages, experienced diverse cultures, or honed their skills through internships and classes. Many Scholars tell us that these were among the most impactful aspects of their college careers.

 Recently several Boettcher Scholars volunteered to blog about their travel experiences. Here’s one of their stories.

Lindsey Paricio
2014 Boettcher Scholar
International Education Grant: Massey University, New Zealand

“Where ever you go, go with all your heart.”

This is one of my favorite sayings, but during my study abroad semester in New Zealand I discovered that it is impossible, and frankly undesirable, to go everywhere with a complete heart. In those six months, I have experienced more extreme joy, and yes, a little sadness, than I thought possible, in leaving home to go to New Zealand, and in leaving New Zealand to come home. Each place holds a piece of my heart. People in both places hold a piece of my heart. Memories of two different worlds and lives hold a piece of my heart. And they always will.

In coming home to Colorado, I left a piece of my heart in New Zealand. But that’s okay. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. That semester taught me that I need to live life by scattering pieces of my heart around the world, finding places and people that enthrall and love me. It’s painful and sad, but also joyous and beautiful, and so worthwhile.

My international education experience allowed me to continue to work towards my chemistry degree, take classes for fun (like theater!) and explore that incredible country. I have chased my Lord of the Rings obsession through Hobbiton and up Mount Doom. I climbed over, paddled through oceans, and floated my way down glowworm caves. And I made incredible friends, both Kiwi and international, that I know will always be there for me, both literally and in my heart.

On a slightly less serious note, I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I miss most about living in New Zealand.

  2. My friends
  3. Ocean and mountain in the same place
  4. Good (seriously good) chocolate
  5. Kiwi sayings (“sweet as,” “sust,” “banter,” etc.)
  6. Saying the letter Z as “zed”
  7. The “if you do something stupid it’s your fault” attitude
  8. Not having to wear shoes
  9. Not having to go through airport security
  10. Making jokes about kiwi birds and kiwi fruits all the time

Yes, I’d say it was a “sweet as” run. Thanks, New Zealand, I will never forget you. And in the words of a great man, “I’ll be back.”

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