Scholarship Tips from All the Wisdom and None of the Junk: Be Authentic

Scholarship Tips from All the Wisdom and None of the Junk: Be Authentic

The reality of reading applications is that review committee members read tons of them in one sitting. So it’s tough when we pick up the 10th application that’s clearly trying to impress rather than just owning who the person is.

You know what we mean — we’ve all been in that social situation where someone pretends to like something just to get in with the cool clique and everyone else looks at each other uncomfortably. It’s painfully obvious when people aren’t being themselves.

Sure, you can write about weighty issues like climate change or worldwide poverty, but only if you

  • are really passionate about them
  • write in your natural voice
  • make reviewers want to meet you in person by sharing your genuine self

Otherwise, we’d much rather read about your love of BBQ or why Marvel is better than DC (or vice versa).

Being authentic illustrates healthy self-awareness, expressiveness, and self-regard. Plus, if you write about something you’re honestly passionate about in your application, then you’ll write with enthusiasm. And that enthusiasm will be catching.

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