Scholarship Tips from All the Wisdom and None of the Junk: Geek Out

Scholarship Tips from All the Wisdom and None of the Junk: Geek Out

Far too often applicants shy away from sharing the most interesting parts of themselves. As a result, their applications are flat and generic – nothing like the intriguing and multi-dimensional people writing them.

Lest you hesitate to fly your geek flag and fully embrace your quirks in something so imposing as a college application, let us count the reasons why we love it when students do:

  1. People are fascinating and students who let their unique identities shine through their applications automatically hook us,
  2. Nothing is more compelling than someone owning his or her own space,
  3. Quirks are inherently distinctive, so sharing yours makes your application stand out from the pile,
  4. Embracing your eccentricities – and sharing them with strangers – demonstrates courage and self-awareness,
  5. Sharing your individuality allows us to see the person behind the application and really get to know you,
  6. Seeing the person behind the application (#5) makes reviewers want to meet you in person by inviting you to an interview or to visit campus,
  7. Knowing more about you allows selection committee members to better see how you’ll fit with their incoming class and institution,
  8. Illustrating how your particular passions translated into extra courses or other intellectual pursuits (like organizing El Dia de Los Muertos celebrations or re-enacting Renaissance jousts in authentic regalia) bolsters your academic profile by highlighting your intellectual curiosity,
  9. And did we mention that all this makes your application far more interesting to read because you sound like your own inimitable self and not like everyone else?

The key is to write about topics that you actually enjoy – not that you think the committee WANTS you to enjoy. So let your dorkily unbridled pastime or your unabashed owning of your own personality sweep us up in its enthusiasm.

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