Signature Event: “Make Your Mark” Scholar Presentations

Signature Event: “Make Your Mark” Scholar Presentations

Saturday, June 23, 8:30 – 11:45 a.m. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Seven diverse alumni speakers will inspire you to explore your leadership, your purpose, and unique and surprising ways in which you can make your mark.

Craig Heacock — The Psychedelic Revolution in Psychiatry

Psychedelics are back and they are changing the way we treat mental illness. Psychiatric drugs typically dial down symptoms without changing the substrate of the illness– these new psychedelic tools can offer the promise of transformation and even cure.

Beth Skelton — Stumbling Into a New Leadership Style: Leading from Behind

After Beth Skelton was scheduled to lead a class field trip to London, her co-leader, who knew London well, backed out of the trip just four weeks before departure. Beth had to create the conditions for the students to take a much more active role in the trip by empowering the students to take ownership and initiative. In the process, she fell into a new leadership style: leading from behind.

Jeff Bauer — Creating a Difference: Career Transition from Health Care to Art and Music

Knowing he could never quit working (retire), but tiring of the work he did for almost 50 years, 1965 scholar Jeff Bauer describes his purposeful transition from widely recognized health care expert to unknown artist and how the principles of creativity can help plan a major transition, at any stage of life.

Veronica Fernandez-Diaz — Sin papeles. Sin Miedo.

Sin papeles. Sin Miedo. Without papers. Without fear. Veronica, a 2015 scholar, shares the process of losing and finding herself alongside her undocumented familia, and how finding her own way of resistance motivates her life as a leader and advocate.

 Mark Hess — If You Are a Lost Parent, Please Meet Your Child at the Service Desk at the Front of the Store

Have you lost your child? No, not that one . . . the one inside of you. Have you kept the door open to the joy of being a kid, of living your passions, of following your heart? As a teacher of gifted children, Mark sees you — the Boettcher Scholar and the gifted adult — in his classroom and on the playground every day. Let’s remember what it is like to play.

Noha Kikhia – Why the World Doesn’t Need More Changemakers

In an increasingly connected world, we are more aware of social problems and their impact on communities across the world. Changemakers — individuals hellbent to solving those problems — have emerged and claim to be identifying new ways to solve these age-old problems. Yet aspiring to be a changemaker is not necessarily the best way to “make your mark.”

Dee Bradley Baker – Fan Conventions and the Human Need to Make the Fantastical Real

Humans are creatures that love to create narratives, stories, and mythologies that reach beyond our mundane existence. Through conventions, we can participate and live in them. The inclusive and collaboratively creative spirit of fan conventions points to a better world, and is a model for how we as humans should be directing much more of our time.

Get your pass to all Signature Event activities hereThis event is open to current and Alumni Scholars, significant others, and adult family members.

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