The Gazette: Sachi Rohilla, Best and Brightest

The Gazette: Sachi Rohilla, Best and Brightest

By Leslie James
The Gazette

Sachi Rohilla. Photo courtesy of the Gazette.

Change. Sachi Rohilla has learned to adapt in virtually any scenario through encounters with neighbors, friends, and schoolmates.

The Classical Academy senior discovered something needed to change when she learned her two young neighbors had jumped from foster family to foster family before being adopted, and another time when a new friend learned of her religion. Now, she’s facing a change in her lifelong career choice.

Rohilla has proved she’s willing to adapt, whether change is hiding around the corner or it’s laid out in front of her. The two young neighbors Rohilla met while she was in middle school had just been adopted by a family friend. Upon learning more about the kids’ previous time in foster care, Rohilla decided to change their worlds.

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