Boettcher Foundation Announces $1 Million COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund

Boettcher Foundation Press Release

Trustees also approve additional grant to support Statewide Relief Effort

DENVER, April 8, 2020 — Today the Boettcher Foundation is announcing the creation of a $1 million biomedical research fund to fight COVID-19 and potentially curtail future pandemic outbreaks.

Called the COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund, the Fund’s Request for Proposals (RFP) asks researchers and investigators to complete grant applications by the close of business on Friday, April 17. The rapid response strategy is both a short- and long-term approach.

“We wanted to be strategic in our COVID-19 response by supporting scientific innovation to fight the pandemic immediately and help impact Coloradans in the future,” said Board of Trustee Chair Kenzo Kawanabe. “We know the good work being done in Colorado’s biomedical research and this represents an effort to accelerate support and prioritize public health.”

The Boettcher Foundation has a long history of supporting biomedical research in Colorado dating back to the 1940s. More recently since 2008, these investments have included nearly $15 million in biomedical research grants through its Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards. The awards have supported 68 Boettcher Investigators to establish their bioscience and biomedical research, ensuring that Colorado’s top scientific minds remain in-state.

“What we are experiencing is monumental in how it has impacted every community in Colorado,” said Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. “We want to support organizations that are so critical to providing solutions to fighting COVID-19. Colorado has long been home to incredible innovation, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an effort like this to support research around our state that could help us address this pandemic.”

The RFP for the fund can be found at A review panel of biomedical experts will review applications in early May before funding is disbursed. Grants will likely range between $25,000 and $250,000. For more information, visit

In addition to creating the Boettcher COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees have approved $50,000 to support Help Colorado Now, the state’s COVID Relief Fund, announced by Gov. Polis last month. The statewide relief effort is being hosted by the State of Colorado and Mile High United Way.

“At Boettcher we understand the significance of bioscience and biomedical research and innovation in Colorado,” said President and CEO Katie Kramer. “Our approach in initiating our own fund and supporting the state’s efforts align with our core strategies to achieve transformational impact for Coloradans.”

About the Boettcher Foundation:

We believe in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. Every day we champion excellence across our state by investing in our most talented citizens and high-potential organizations, because supporting their hard work and leadership will enable them to give back for years to come.

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