Leadership Practitioner Catalyst Grants

The Leadership Practitioner Catalyst Grant Program strengthens the capacity of leadership organizations that are working to create a more inclusive and accessible leadership ecosystem in Colorado – as discussed in Boettcher’s Leadership Practitioner Collaborative meetings. These quarterly convenings, which started in 2021, bring together the leaders of leadership programs and organizations to share knowledge, resources, and build relationships.  

In 2024, there is one funding cycle — May 1-31 — for the Leadership Practitioner Catalyst Grants.

Grants Overview

These capacity-building grants range from $1,000-$10,000 and are intended to support one-time, strategic projects. The grants are distributed to support one of the following project areas:

  • Launch evaluation or impact measurement work
  • Diversify program participants or the leadership pipeline – increase diversity within a specific program (diversification could mean gender, race, ethnicity, generation, thought, perspective, or informal leaders)
  • Increase or formalizing collaboration across programs or organizations

Eligibility and Criteria: All applicants must have had one staff member, volunteer, or board member attend at least one of the Foundation’s Leadership Practitioner Collaborative meeting in 2023 or 2024. Those meeting dates are noted on the application.

Key Criteria to Consider When Applying Include:

  • Is this a strategic opportunity for the organization rather than just general operating support?
  • Is the potential for this activity to tangibly impact one of the project areas listed above?

Grants will be awarded after a competitive review.

Timeline to Apply - 2024

Note: We prefer that organizations only submit one application of the following grant opportunities (Leadership Practitioner Catalyst Grant, Rural Catalyst Grant, or Community Connections Grant) per cycle.

Cycle 1: May 1 - 31

Grant Inquiry Form Submission

Cycle 1: July 19

Notification of Funding

Staff will review inquiries during the acceptance windows, typically responding within six weeks of receipt, to inform organizations if they will be invited to submit a full application.

Questions about the grants process for Leadership Practitioner Catalyst Grants can be emailed to Garrett Mayberry, grants program officer, at garrett@boettcherfoundation.org.

Additional Types of Grants


Community Connections Grants

We invest in initiatives or infrastructure projects that bring people together or fosters the connections between individuals and/or organizations.

Rural Catalyst Grants

We support rural nonprofit organizations with capacity building grants that are a one-time, strategic injection of funds to help solve local community challenges.

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