Leadership Investments

Investing in Colorado’s Leaders

The Boettcher Foundation’s leadership investment initiatives develop leaders, connect people and organizations, and weave communities together. We invest in leadership through fellowships, collaboratives, communications, and more.

In 2020, the Boettcher Foundation began a year-long search to learn more about Colorado’s community leadership strengths, needs and opportunities. We gathered insight from 170 individuals who represented 140 organizations across five regions to learn:

How can we build a connected, inclusive, and accessible leadership ecosystem that serves all 64 counties in Colorado?

Here’s what they shared:

barriers to access leadership opportunities
participants of leadership programs
leadership development

the connection among individuals, organizations, and communities

These conversations and insights are detailed in the Foundation’s white paper, released in January of 2021 and they continue to inform the Boettcher Foundation’s leadership investment strategies today.

Our Leadership Programs


Doers & Difference Makers

This fellowship is a nine-month program that connects community champions across Colorado to structured opportunities built to elevate their voice and amplify their impact.

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Leadership Collaboratives

Our Rural Leaders and Leadership Practitioners Collaboratives are learning communities that provide nonprofit, government, education, and business leaders with access to resources, expertise, and a peer support network.


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Leadership Resources

Browse this collection of leadership literature and tools in our resource library.

Leadership on LEAD

Read LEAD, Boettcher Foundation’s publication featuring Colorado stories of transformational impact and community building.

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