Boettcher Foundation Announces 2022 Alumni Recognition Award Winners

Boettcher Foundation Press Release

DENVER, October 14, 2022 — The Boettcher Foundation is excited to announce the 2022 recipients of the Boettcher Foundation’s Alumni Recognition Award. Boettcher’s Alumni Recognition Awards program aims to celebrate Boettcher Scholar Alumni who embody the Foundation’s ethos of service, leadership, and giving back to others.

The Foundation gives the Outstanding Alumni Award to two individuals each year. Members of the Boettcher Foundation Scholar Alumni Board reviewed the 2022 nomination submissions, and named the below winners.

“We are so honored to have been a part of the lives and leadership journeys of these two incredible individuals,” said Curtis Esquibel, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at the Boettcher Foundation. “Their impact has been felt in Colorado and far beyond our borders, and it is that type of transformational impact we hope our 70-year-old Scholarship program produces.”

To recognize their work, and in the spirit on continuing to give back, awardees are able to direct $1,000 to a Colorado nonprofit of their choice.

Boettcher Foundation encourages all Alumni to continue to lead in your own communities and to nominate a fellow Alum next year for the 2023 Alumni Recognition Awards.

Cindy Gay, 1978 Boettcher Scholar and 2022 Boettcher Foundation Alumni Recognition Award Winner

Cindy Gay, 1978 Boettcher Scholar

Cindy’s leadership in advancing post-secondary science education, promoting teacher professional development, and commitment to embedding equity and inclusion into the pedagogy and lesson plans she have developed for others has so clearly demonstrated Boettcher’s commitment to giving back, community leadership, and service. Cindy served for 34 years as a National Board-certified science faculty member at middle and high schools across Colorado. In 2016, Cindy joined BSCS Science Learning as a Senior Science Educator. She works in the areas of leadership development and teacher professional development, helping to design and lead projects that help teachers enhance their pedagogy and science content. Cindy is currently PI for a NOAA grant, developing a middle school unit that explores the intersection of traditional and scientific ways of knowing in the restoration of Hawaiian fishponds. She is leading the design and implementation of professional development for the new high school biology textbook, BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life. Read more about Cindy here.

Justin Kidd, 1998 Boettcher Scholar

Justin’s leadership in ensuring equitable access to justice, and mentoring a new generation of talented, service-oriented individuals has gone above and beyond in demonstrating Boettcher’s commitment to giving back community leadership, and service. In 2021, Oregon Governor Kate Brown appointed Justin as the Justice of the Peace (Justice Court Judge) for Marion County, Oregon, where he serves today.  In his free time, Justin has served as a foster and adoptive parent.  His passion is making life better for foster children, and he works with several Oregon-based organizations to make that happen. Read more about Justin here.

About the Boettcher Foundation:  We believe in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. Every day, we build up and connect doers and difference makers from across the state, working to elevate people, programs, and organizations. Because by investing in Colorado leaders, we provide a foundation for transformational impact and community building across Colorado.

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