Boettcher Scholar Alumni

Our Scholars are dynamic thinkers and leaders, capable of propelling Colorado forward. We are certain that if we can help you stay connected to Boettcher, and get connected to one another, your collective impact will be even larger.

Scholar Alumni Overview

Do you remember getting your award letter in the mail or receiving the phone call offering you the Boettcher Scholarship?

Since then, you’ve no doubt achieved high levels of leadership and success. Most Boettcher Scholars do. We are very proud to consider all of our talented Alumni an integral part of the Boettcher community—an expansive group of talented Scholars who help to propel Colorado forward.

You all are part of a large network of successful leaders, contributing your immense talents to your communities, wherever you may live.

In addition to current Scholar programming, the Boettcher Foundation supports an active community of Scholar Alumni. We are continually developing enhanced programming and support to enable you to do even more as leaders and as Boettcher Alumni.

The following are some ways for Alumni to get involved with the Boettcher Foundation:

  • The Boettcher Scholar Alumni Board, which advises and coordinates a variety of programs
  • The Scholar Alumni Newsletter
  • Boettcher community service days
  • Mentorship and coaching programs
  • Special Boettcher Foundation programs like career roundtables, improv classes, mindfulness classes, and leadership development programs
  • Happy hours, regional receptions, and networking events, such as the annual Alumni Colorado Rockies game
  • The Boettcher Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • The Boettcher Alumni Portal—A password-protected online tool for all current Scholars and Alumni to research and learn more about other Boettcher Scholars, their occupations, interests, and fields of study.

The bottom line is, we want to hear from you! We want to hear about all of your impressive accolades, your latest career achievements, your exciting family news, and your continued leadership. We want to celebrate you, as we did when you received your Boettcher Scholarship, and further equip you to do even more in your community.

If you are interested in volunteering to help organize alumni events, please contact

Alumni Resources Login

Our Boettcher Alumni community is a dynamic group of business and community leaders, and we believe you can reach new heights if you are connected and engaged with one another. From political leaders to voice actors, teachers to Nobel laureates, members of the Boettcher community are an accomplished group. We encourage you to reach out to each other using our Boettcher Alumni Portal. This database is a tool for all Alumni to research and learn more about other Scholars, their occupations, interests, and fields of study. You may use this information for networking, resource sharing, and finding a mentor/mentee or employment opportunity.

Learn how to connect with the Boettcher community, post and search for jobs and register for events through the Boettcher Alumni Portal.