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Current Boettcher Scholars

We know you current Boettcher Scholars are dynamic thinkers and leaders capable of propelling Colorado forward — and we are certain that if we can help you stay connected to the Boettcher Foundation, and get connected to one another, your collective impact will be even larger.

Current Scholars Overview

As you know, the Boettcher Scholarship program is about much more than financial support. College is a time of unparalleled opportunity and we hope to support you through all your new experiences and your growth as a leader. That’s why the Boettcher Scholarship provides each of you with an array of opportunities to supplement your college career, including additional grants, access to a network of Boettcher leaders, and Boettcher Foundation events.

We’ve created educational enrichment and international education grants to help broaden your college experience. These grants enable you to deeply pursue an interest. It could be an extension of your major or another area of interest that you’d like to explore. Please visit our additional opportunities page to learn more.

As a Boettcher Scholar, you are part of a vast community of successful Alumni Scholars. By connecting with the Boettcher Foundation and with other Scholars while you are in college, you’re creating a network that will help you launch a successful career and be positioned to contribute to our state’s success from wherever you may live in the future. To help you tap into this talented community, we offer a variety of events for you to network with other Boettcher Scholars and some programs to help you refine your leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

We also encourage you to connect and engage with the vast network of talented Alumni — one of the best resources available to you as a Boettcher Scholar — through the Boettcher Alumni Portal. It is a tool that will enable you to research and learn more about other Scholars, their occupations, interests, and fields of study. You may use this information for networking, resource sharing, finding a mentor, internship, or employment opportunity.

Please also log in to our current Scholars Portal to access a variety of current Scholar resources, including more information and applications for Scholar grants, instructions for submitting your annual narrative to maintain your Boettcher Scholarship, and access to the Scholar handbook, GPA requirements, and conduct contract.

For more information, use your current Scholar credentials to log in to the current Scholars Portal.

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Our Investment in You

We know that you are being given incredible opportunities in college and with your Boettcher community on campus, but our hope is that by giving you even more enriching experiences, you’ll be able to pay it forward for years to come.

Colorado thrives when its top talent, students like you, stays here for college and deepens their love for our state. Bright, passionate citizens who are committed to giving back are the best way to move Colorado forward.

Learn about additional opportunities available to current scholars.

Learn about expectations for current scholars.