Exploring Art and Science with 2003 Scholar, Robin Cole

A New Light II, by Robin Cole

An analytical artist, 2003 Scholar Robin Cole has long embraced both science and imagination in her studio, with her recent collection one she describes in part as “magical realism under the microscope.” Join us as Robin shares her iterative process to work and to life, describing how she’s built a fulfilling career in the arts by continuing her own creative work while also owning and operating her own workshop and classroom space, teaching off-site at various artists’ residencies, and cultivating a community of artists. Throughout it all, she has consistently embodied and empowered creative self-expression, generosity, and depth of understanding. She has also courted serendipity by developing the discipline to show up and do the work every day. 

If you you would like to see more of Robin’s art, please visit https://www.robincole.art/portfolio. 

Piece by Robin Cole that hangs in the Boettcher Foundation office.


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