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Colorado Grantmaking

For 82 years, the foundation has been committed to the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. We have invested in our state’s highest potential individuals and organizations because their leadership cultivates transformational community impact. Moving forward, we will continue this work.

After pausing for a strategic review of our grantmaking, we are excited to clarify our funding priorities:

  • We are reaffirming our commitment to the Boettcher Scholarship, biomedical research, and initiative-based investments. The emphasis on human capital will be a continued focus as we deepen and expand our support of the organizations that are tackling Colorado’s most important issues.
  • The foundation will also continue to consider capital building or community infrastructure projects.
  • Whether human capital or capital building (community infrastructure) projects, we will only fund proposals that align with the core strategies outlined below.
  • The foundation will prioritize proposals that serve rural Colorado and/or emphasize a statewide scope. 

Core Strategies for Funding

Over the past year, we sought and received stakeholder input from organizations, individuals, and communities across Colorado. Based on the strategic review and feedback, we plan to prioritize proposals that address challenges with a lens of rural depth or statewide breadth in their focus. Our long-term goal is to build Colorado by being the cornerstone of strategic leadership opportunities that achieve transformational impact. As a result, our Trustees have set the following core funding strategies:

Convene: We support the creation of and investment in opportunities to build a connected community. We gather and inspire Coloradans to revisit current efforts and develop new ideas to drive Colorado forward.

Collaborate: We support partnership efforts with key stakeholders around opportunities that advance Coloradans and communities. We leverage the expertise and resources of key partners, empowering us to accomplish more for Colorado.

Learn: We support the elevation of new approaches to solving Colorado’s greatest challenges. We support research and gather new knowledge to guide our investments, culture, and community-building.

Lead: We support the investment of our resources in organizations and initiatives that strive to innovate, impact, and improve quality of life for Coloradans. We believe people are our greatest asset for achieving change and creating thriving communities.

Grantmaking Process

Strategic review of our grantmaking investments and process has given our staff and Trustees invaluable insight into how we pursue and receive grant proposals.

The Boettcher Foundation invites organizations to complete and submit an inquiry form that specifies how a proposal aligns with the core strategies and focus areas outlined above. Staff will review inquiries on a regular basis throughout the year. As such, we have a rolling deadline for inquiry submissions. Organizations that submit inquiries in alignment with the core strategies and focus areas will be asked to complete a full application.

We remain committed to understanding and addressing the needs of our Colorado communities, and we want to be apprised of organizations that are leading transformational work.

For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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