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Colorado Grantmaking

For 84 years, the Boettcher Foundation has been committed to the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. We have invested in our state’s human capital to cultivate leadership and impact Colorado communities. That vision continues to guide our responsive grantmaking and investments today.

Our grantmaking priorities are detailed in the promise of Colorado section below. We invest in the potential of Coloradans through philanthropic initiatives such as the Boettcher Scholarship Program and Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program, among other programming and initiatives.

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Funding Priorities: Promise of Colorado

We have two priority areas with three annual funding cycles that are outlined below. During each cycle, we will receive and review proposals that are submitted through a Grant Inquiry Form.

Transformational Initiatives: Approaching challenges and opportunities in innovative ways and conceptualizing problems differently takes courage and risk. We invest in organizations and initiatives that strive to innovate and create positive change in Colorado communities.

Examples of Recent Projects Funded

  • Community Resource Center Rural AmeriCorps Program: Provides affordable resources and access to national service members for nonprofits in rural communities. In 2020, more than 50 AmeriCorps members served three dozen Colorado organizations.
  • RISE Planning and Design Support Grants: Gov. Polis announced the $32.7 million Response, Innovation, and Student Equity (RISE) Education Fund to help Colorado schools address the learning challenges of COVID-19. Our assistance for RISE planning grants helped eligible educational organizations develop their initiatives and strengthen their applications to the fund.

Community Connections: Supporting and developing connections that create a sum greater than their parts is vital to the health of communities in our state. As such, we invest in initiatives or infrastructure projects that bring together, support, or deepen the connections between individuals and/or organizations.

Examples of Recent Projects Funded 

  • San Luis Valley Ski-Hi Event Center: The complex has long served as an anchor for the community; this modernized version is vital to the future health and prosperity of the region as a community convening and multi-purpose activity space.
  • Integrated Community Nonprofit Center: Integrated Community and the Routt County United Way serve immigrant and rural residents of northwest Colorado. The expansion of their shared office and programming space will increase the capacity of both organizations to create a more connected community.


2022 Grant Cycles


  • Grant Inquiry Form Submission: January 15– February 15
  • Invitation for Proposal or Declination: March 10
  • Notification of Funding:  April 25


  • Grant Inquiry Form Submission: May 15 – June 15
  • Invitation for Proposal or Declination: July 11
  • Notification of Funding: August 25


  • Grant Inquiry Form Submission: August 15 – September 15
  • Invitation for Proposal or Declination: October 10
  • Notification of Funding: November 18

*The Grant Inquiry Form link will become ‘live’ during the set cycles outlined above. Please apply only during the noted submission windows.

Grantmaking Process

The Boettcher Foundation invites organizations to complete and submit a Grant Inquiry Form that specifies how a proposal aligns with one or both of the funding priorities. Staff will review inquiries during the acceptance windows, typically responding within six weeks of receipt, to inform organizations if they will be invited to submit a full application. Questions about the grants process can be emailed to Garrett Mayberry, program manager, at

Please note that the Boettcher Foundation does not fund, or prioritize funding, the following:

  • General operating support 
  • Ongoing social and human service programming
  • Foundations or funds that provide individual financial assistance
  • Capital and programs for religious purposes
  • Organizations primarily serving animals
  • Capital projects at K-12 charter, public, or private schools
  • Hospital facilities
  • Affordable housing
  • Emergency service equipment or vehicles

For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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