Profiles in Giving – 2021

Boettcher Foundation Press Release

Peter Maiurro

Chief Communications & Business Affairs Officer and 2001 Boettcher Scholar

I donate to the Boettcher Foundation because Boettcher Foundation has supported me and provided me opportunities to enhance the work I am fortunate to do. I believe in the synergy of Boettcher Foundation investing in people and projects that were destined to make a positive impact. That positive impact is amplified by Boettcher and I want to support that amplification for future people and projects.

Paying it forward means supporting future generations of people and projects with great potential to make a positive impact.

Philanthropy is giving of one’s resources to support meaningful work for goodness in our communities.

In addition to giving to Boettcher, my personal giving priorities are arts and culture, education, economic prosperity

My favorite thing about being a Boettcher Scholar is the network of scholars and the relationships with Boettcher staff/Trustees.  The community of those associated with Boettcher is one of the greatest collection of people I have ever known- smart, kind, fun people who are committed to doing good.

The leadership value that I strive to apply daily is character because being a person of strong character is a critical foundation for effective leadership.  Courage is a close second…

Dr. Larry Allen

Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Former Trustee, and 1990 Boettcher Scholar

I donate to the Boettcher Foundation because the Boettcher Foundation has been such a positive influence in my life in many ways. Trying to pay it forward is the least I can do.

Paying it forward means pass it on to someone else who will benefit. Turn the good fortune that has been created for you into good fortune for others.

Philanthropy is generosity, giving without expecting something in return.

In addition to giving to Boettcher, my personal giving priorities are President’s Leadership Class at CU Boulder, National Public Radio and Colorado Public Radio, Denver Public Schools, Florence Crittenton, Colorado Open Lands, Planned Parenthood, and the CU Foundation.

My favorite thing about being a part of the Boettcher Community is being a part of the Boettcher Community.

The leadership value that I strive to apply daily is responsibility because I believe a lot of leadership is done through example and hard work and that nothing should be beneath any of us.

Michelle Lucero


I donate to the Boettcher Foundation because I believe in the mission of the Boettcher Foundation. With my heart and soul.  I am proudly a Colorado native, “to invest in the promise of Colorado…and the potential of Coloradoans” fits perfectly with many of my philanthropic efforts. 

Paying it forward means to recognize that you have been blessed or gifted with something (whether it be with financial resources or someone else’s time and attention) and to be drawn to do the  same for someone(s) else.  This also reminds me of what my amazing mother told me, wisdom she passed on during the time she was very sick right before her passing.   She had me sit next to her and she said, “Honey…you have worked hard and have been blessed so remember, when you “make it,” whatever making it means to you, you have an obligation to reach back and pull someone up.” In that same conversation, she challenged me that I as blessed to be raised by an amazing community, so it is also my obligation to give back to whatever community I life and work in. Paying it forward….that is what my amazing mom expects of me.

Philanthropy is giving of your time, your expertise and your financial resources to something or someone you are passionate about their mission/focus.

In addition to giving to Boettcher, my personal giving priorities are organizations or initiatives that focus on women, Latino(a)s, children, and education. Currently those priorities include organizations such as Latinas First Foundation, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Clinica Tepayec, the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, and the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

My favorite thing about being a Boettcher Foundation Trustee is …oh there are so many! I don’t know that I can identify just one. I LOVE the team! Katie has assembled a rockstar team that delivers such phenomenal and transformational results. I LOVE my phenomenal fellow Trustees. They are smart, passionate and all believe in the work of the Boettcher Foundation. I LOVE scholarship interviews.  And most recently, I LOVE our rural initiatives and the Doers & Difference Makers Fellowship work we are involved in because we are building and supporting true leaders in Colorado. I could go on and on and on. See, I told you I could not just pick one favorite thing!

The leadership value that I strive to apply daily is empowering others because we cannot accomplish anything alone. As a leader, it is our obligation to grow other leaders, hand them the reins, and be by their side when they need support.

As an alum, did you know you can donate to the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship Program? If you are inspired to do so, your support can help us create additional academic, intellectual, and leadership opportunities for undergraduate Scholars. Learn more here

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