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Josué Estrada Murillo

Office Coordinator

Josue is an immigrant from Mexico, a first-generation student; a Deacon through his church. In May 2022, he joined his brother, who currently holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in accounting, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He aspires to become a physician but plans on taking a gap year before applying for medical school. During this gap year, he will work on becoming a competitive candidate but most importantly adjust to the life of a homeowner.

In 2019, he gained his national and state licensure to practice as an Emergency Medicine Technician (EMT). During 2020, Josue was able to practice his EMT skills through Falck with an emphasis on COVID vaccinations,  participating in equity clinics across Colorado where he had the privilege to vaccinate his mother, brother and his best friend.

Josue has different connections with the Boettcher Foundation. He is a 2018 UCD Scholar, an Alumni Ambassador, and previous Student Intern for the 2019 and 2022 cycles. He currently lives in Aurora, where he has lived since he migrated from Mexico with his mother and brother at a young age. 

Community Involvement:

  • Digital Strategy Task Force CU Denver: Member
  • CU Denver UROP 2020-2021 Recipient & Principal Investigator
  • Aurora Public Schools Health Science Occupational Advisory Board
  • Aurora Youth Commission: Past Chair, Vice-Chair, Historian

Favorite Colorado Experience:

You will always find me visiting Colorado’s Scenic locations with my best friends which include but are not limited to Lookout Mountain, Manitou Incline, and Red Rocks. Yes, all three on the same day!

Favorite Quote:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ a quote attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which summarizes a sermon given on March 8th, 1965, the day after “Bloody Sunday.”
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