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At Boettcher, we believe in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. Every day we champion excellence across our state by investing in our most talented citizens and high-potential organizations, because supporting their hard work and leadership will enable them to give back for years to come.

Photograph courtesy and copyright John Fielder


Boettcher Colorado Scholarships

Colorado Scholarships

We need Colorado’s best minds to stay in Colorado. Many of Colorado’s top high school students leave the state to pursue their studies, rather than attend a Colorado school, build a Colorado network, and use their immense talents to improve our communities right here at home. The Boettcher Foundation Scholarship supports Colorado’s high-potential graduating seniors by providing them with a full-ride scholarship to attend a Colorado college or university.

Colorado Nonprofit Grants

From shifting demographics to rapidly evolving technology, heightened funder expectations to increased community needs, the pressure for Colorado’s nonprofits to demonstrate and accelerate impact is greater than ever. Organizations struggle to create and maintain a stable foundation upon which they can grow and innovate. The Boettcher Foundation’s goal is to support Colorado nonprofits in rising to these challenges by helping to provide the physical capacity that will allow them to further their missions and be catalysts for positive change in our state.

Boettcher Teacher Residency

Boettcher Teacher Residency

Colorado kids deserve great teachers. Many of our classrooms are led by teachers who are often undertrained, undersupported or burned out. The Boettcher Teacher Residency prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on master’s degree program.

Biomedical Research Grants

Colorado can only be a leader in scientific innovation if its most dynamic scientific minds are supported at early stages in their work. The Boettcher Foundation’s support of biomedical research through its Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards aims to support scientific innovation in Colorado by providing biomedical research funding for early career investigators at the state’s research institutions.