Additional Opportunities for Current Scholars

Scholar Grants

Remember, as a Boettcher Scholar, you are eligible to apply for the educational enrichment grant and the international education grant.

These Scholar grants allow you to pursue educational enrichment opportunities above and beyond regular coursework and can help to broaden your educational experience, both within the U.S. and internationally.

As an enhancement to the Boettcher Scholarship, these additional grant opportunities and the grant application process were designed to help you:

  • Develop high-caliber enrichment projects, skills in writing successful proposals, and experience with rigorous review processes
  • Increase your knowledge of grantmaking, and make you more competitive for future professional and academic awards
  • Reach new heights in all your endeavors

Educational Enrichment Grants

Each Boettcher Scholar has the opportunity to apply for an educational enrichment grant of up to $3,000 for projects or programs in four categories:

  • Academic/professional development
  • Internships
  • Research
  • Special classes/field sessions

Some past examples of educational enrichment grants include:

  • 2010 Scholar Lanna Giauque completed a field course called “Glacial Landscapes and Climate Change in Norway.” She traveled to the North Atlantic to supplement her geography major.
  • 2011 Scholar Lucas Suazo used his grant to conduct research on the effect of cigarette smoke on the lungs, while studying with a Boettcher Investigator at National Jewish Health.
  • 2011 Scholar Walter Gorra attended a Latin jazz residency at CU Boulder to study and perform Latin jazz saxophone with an accomplished saxophonist.

International Education Grants

Boettcher Scholarship recipients can apply for funding to spend either a semester or a year studying abroad.

Some past examples of international education grants include:

  • 2012 Scholar Jaser Alsharhan studied abroad in Rwanda at SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding, which supported his international studies minor.
  • 2011 Scholar Melissa Barnes traveled to Berlin to study Afro-German women and feminism in various cultures.
  • 2013 Scholar Kristina Lu studied literature, culture, and history in Rosario, Argentina.

Don’t worry if this process sounds daunting! Your on-campus Boettcher mentor, along with us at the Foundation, will help you through each stage of the process.

To apply for either Scholar grant, log in to the current Scholars Portal. You will find information on both grants, as well as the application form, on the Scholar grants dashboard. Before completing the application form, watch a brief grant writing webinar and fill out an evaluation.

You’ll need to submit a letter of inquiry, review your initial proposal with your campus Boettcher mentor, make the edits, and then submit your final proposal to the Boettcher Foundation on the current Scholar resources portal. We’re here to help you! Submitting a professional grant application is a valuable experience and we want each of you to succeed. Feel free to contact us at the Foundation or your mentor for additional help.

If your project proposal is accepted, you’ll submit an evaluation report and a thank-you letter to the Boettcher Foundation Trustees upon completing your experience.

Understanding Scholar Grant Cycles

  • For projects or programs occurring in the winter/spring (January-May): Apply during CYCLE 1 (final proposal deadline in October)
  • For projects or programs occurring in the summer (June-August): Apply during CYCLE 2 (final proposal deadline in early April)
  • For projects or programs occurring in the fall (September-December): Apply during CYCLE 3 (final proposal deadline in late April)

Learn about expectations for current scholars.

For more information or to apply for a scholar grant, log in to the current scholars portal.