Leading Change: Colorado’s Coal Transition

Four people at a table with large microphones, recording the podcast
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For generations of Coloradans, coal has heated our homes, powered railways, and generated most of our electricity. Along the way it created an industry that became the backbone of communities – rural, urban, and suburban. But today, the future of the coal industry is in peril. What does this mean for communities where their economy and tax base is built on the industry? And how is Colorado working with local communities to ensure a “just transition.” Join us for a roundtable conversation with Wade Buchanan, Boettcher Scholar Alum who leads Colorado’s Office of Just TransitionMathew Mendisco, Boettcher Fellow Alum and Town Manager of Hayden; and Jennifer Holloway, Boettcher Fellow Alum and Executive Director of the Craig Chamber of Commerce. All three of these Boettcher community members are collaborating and tackling an issue the impacts the lives of thousands of Coloradans and multiple communities.

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