Support the Boettcher Scholars Fund

Over the years, we have heard from many Boettcher Scholar Alumni and others who have a strong desire to pay-it-forward by giving back to the scholarship program.

Anyone who is inspired by Boettcher Scholars can donate to the Boettcher Scholars Fund, a 501(c)(3)-public charity that provides philanthropic resources in support of the Boettcher Foundation’s charitable programs and initiatives.

Gift Planning

For more than 85 years, the Boettcher Foundation has been committed to the promise of Colorado. We continue this work through a grant strategy that emphasizes our investment in transformational initiatives and community infrastructure.

Gift from a Will

Benefits: Protecting cash flow, accessible

Leaving the Boettcher Scholars Fund in your will is an excellent way to leave a legacy without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime. There is flexibility on the amount and percentage of your gift including the ability to revoke your gift if your life circumstances change.

Beneficiary Designations

Benefits: Easy, accessible

List the Boettcher Scholars Fund as a primary/contingent beneficiary in your 401k, IRA, or other financial accounts. This gives you the ability to utilize your assets throughout your life.

Donor Advised Funds​

Benefits: Tax-advantageous, flexible

The flexibility of a charitable giving account can be a generous gift of philanthropy for future generations. There is no minimum to create a donor advised fund. Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle because they are the most tax-advantageous and also represent an approachable way to give.


Benefits: Income stream, tax deduction, highly-appreciated assets

Charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts are excellent ways to give. As a donor you can manage various financial challenges such as paying high income and estate taxes or dealing with highly-appreciated assets.

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