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The Boettcher Foundation is not accepting applications for grant funding.

In an effort to effectively respond to the needs of our Colorado communities, the Boettcher Foundation has been conducting a strategic review of its grantmaking focus and guidelines. The goal of this review has been to align the foundation’s resources with areas of greatest need to ensure our funds are effectively leveraged to achieve transformational impact in our communities.

Foundation staff and trustees have engaged in a thoughtful process that included listening, learning and engaging with individuals and organizations throughout the state. What resonated with us over the course of these conversations and is true to our mission is the power of our investment in human capital through our scholarship, biomedical research and other initiative-based investments, which develop and support the leaders who are tackling some of Colorado’s most important issues.

Moving forward, the Boettcher Foundation will continue to focus on our human capital investments. We will also continue to honor our existing commitments to physical capital projects, but we will not be accepting new grant applications at this time.

We will use this time to continue to refine how our leadership investments and other initiatives can best support the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans.

The Boettcher Foundation remains committed to understanding and addressing the needs of our Colorado communities, and we want to be apprised of the Colorado nonprofit community’s work. Nonprofit organizations are invited to keep us apprised of their current initiatives by using the form below. Information collected will regularly be reviewed by foundation staff. For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Colorado nonprofit organizations can sign up here to keep the Boettcher Foundation updated on your current initiatives.

In 500 words or fewer, please describe the programs or projects your organization is considering. Please note that the Boettcher Foundation only works with Colorado nonprofit organizations.

The current pause in accepting new grant applications is intended to position the foundation for greater impact in the future and does not reflect financial or other issues at the foundation. We remain committed to investing in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. In fact, in recent years, the foundation has:

  • increased its investment in its scholarship program by expanding the number of scholarships available and through added alumni programming
  • added biomedical research funding to its grantmaking portfolio;
  • and supported significant multiyear initiatives including Space to Create Colorado and PEBC’s Teacher Residency program.

See where our Colorado capital nonprofit grants go.